What is Calendar Pin?

An Appointment Tool for Everyone

CalendarPin is an appointment management tool that anyone can use.  You create a "TimeFrame" and pick how long each appointment slot will be.  You provide the link to people and they come and pick an appointment time that we call a "TimeSlot".

The CalendarPin application will remind them of the upcoming appointment and give them a quick easy way to cancel, thereby freeing up the spot for someone else. If all of your appointments in a timeframe are full they can add themselves to a waiting list and be notified of cancellations automatically. All you have to do is watch your timeframe.

We respect your privacy and that of your appointment seekers.   This application only asks you for your email address, first and last name.   We will never, EVER, provide your email address or appointment information to any person, company or other organization without proper legal requirement.   The email addresses and names are stored in our database in encrypted format.